About The Project

My dear friend Gail Hutchison told me a story Christmas 2015 of how several pieces I had given her several years ago had brought smiles and calming to women and children who had encountered some level of domestic violence.  It brought me to tears thinking how I, as an artist, had captured a simple moment in time and through a photograph, acted as a conduit for calming and peace during a time of distress for others.  Going through my overstock items, I pulled together artwork that embodied "feel good" and "happy" moments in an effort to bring more smiles to more people in need.  This is how my idea of this ArtSmiles project came about.  The vision is simple... help bring smiles to those in need through art.

June 2016:  Donation to Dare County's Victim Advocate Program, Dare County, North Carolina


Contributing artists (bottom) donated over 75 pieces for a great cause bringing ArtSmiles to victims of crime, domestic violence and abuse.  After being elected in 2010, Sheriff Doughtie of the Dare County, North Carolina Sheriff's department recognized this need and as such, spearheaded implementing this vital service.  Victim advocate and friend, Gail Hutchison serves in this capacity with over 25 years of crisis intervention experience.  Her primary role is to assist victims, witnesses and families of crime within unincorporated Dare County, NC, which include counseling families and caregivers of children who have been potentially victimized, offering victims, families and witnesses comprehensive support service throughout the county, state and region, as well as assisting victims through process of forms application, case progression and in understanding the overall processes involved. - Gail F. Hutchison - 'Until The Violence Stops'

March 2016:  Donation to The Foundation for Independent Living, Inc., Broward County, Florida

Isaac Allen Images contributed over 30 pieces to The Foundation for Independent Living of Broward County, a private, not-for-profit, community-based independent residential living program for adults with learning disabilities.  What a WONDERFUL group of people!

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please contact Melodie Hayes, Executive Director of the foundation using this link.








Artists Pulling It All Together

Contributing Artists

Many thanks to these incredible artists and dear, DEAR friends who continue to help bring ArtSmiles to people in need.

Kathi Walsh                   Isaac Allen Sandy          Robin Brooke                 Michael Fox                 Monica Steiner              Joseph Grizzle               Jeremiah Jenner